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forest talk

Trees communicate with us and each other everyday. In this book, you'll learn what trees are saying to us and to each other. 

We need trees and forests to help maintain the cycles that keep our air and water healthy for all life on Earth, and trees need us to protect them from destruction and degradation. The work of biologists, ecologists, foresters, and other scientists is key to this protection. 

Have you heard the question “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” In fact, trees are making sounds all the time. They communicate with us and with each other. If trees are talking in the forest, on our streets, and in our own backyards, we need to listen. Many scientists are doing just that. You can too.

My Books

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3D Printing: The Revolution in Personalized Manufacturing

 3D Printing: The Revolution in Personalized Manufacturing

In this book, you'll meet the people who are revolutionizing 3D manufacturing. Discover why engineers invented 3D printing and what innovators, some of them in their teens, make possible every day with 3D printing. Through their stories and experiences, you'll see the current and future innovations in 3D printing. Learn how 3D printing works and where to experiment with it safely. This book also invites you to consider the safety, health, and legal challenges that lie ahead in a 3D printed world.

"A crack primer to a strange new world."Kirkus Reviews. Read more...

"This comprehensive overview of 3D printing covers a tremendous amount of information in an engaging, easily digestible format."Booklist.

"As more libraries and schools create maker spaces and gain access to 3-D printers, titles such as Koch’s will be in demand."School Library Journal.

Author - Children's Book Author NetLearning: Why Teachers Use the Internet

I have always loved writing and reading. When my son was born in 2012, my parents brought all my childhood books to our house—boxes and boxes of familiar books. My journals filled one of the large boxes. Forgotten pages of observations of the natural and human-made world mixed with my personal hopes, explorations, disappointments, and dreams. How are bridges built and why are some people afraid of bridges? What causes earthquakes and why do people build homes where they know earthquakes occur? The connections we have to scientific and engineered worlds has always fascinated and frustrated me.

I enjoy helping people—myself included—understand and make personal connections to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).  As an author, I’ve written and edited books such as NetLearning: Why Teachers Use the Internet and The Care and Feeding of Online Networks for Nonprofits. I’ve also written curricula for youth focused on computer science, technology, engineering, Earth system science, and mathematics:  Build IT, InnovaTE3 and ICT4me.

I enjoy researching and writing books that make science personal and valuable to kids, ages 5 to 15.

My resume lists my published work and highlights my professional path in STEM education.

Happy writing and reading to all!